SPEED vs. Clear Aligners

Orthodontic patients today have many treatment options at their disposal.

Traditional orthodontic treatment using metal braces, such as SPEED Braces, remains the most common treatment approach. SPEED braces provide the Orthodontist with a tool that allows them to move teeth with exceptional precision and predictability. Once SPEED is bonded on the teeth, they remain there for the duration of treatment, working in concert with orthodontic wires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to gently correct your bite and straighten your teeth. As such they are less reliant on patient cooperation to achieve an excellent result. And metal braces are effective in treating any Orthodontic problem, from the most basic to the most severe.

Aligners are thin, clear, plastic trays made to fit your teeth. Unlike SPEED Braces, aligners are removable. The patient is responsible for inserting and removing them, and they need to be worn all day, except when eating. They are entirely dependent on patient cooperation to work effectively. Some types of tooth movement are more difficult to achieve with aligners than with traditional braces, and precise movement of the back teeth in particular, can be difficult to achieve with aligners. For these reasons, aligners are generally recommended for more basic Orthodontic problems and are typically reserved for the treatment of adults.

We encourage you to talk to your Orthodontist about which treatment option will provide you with the best treatment result!