Food and Braces

Although your teeth may be tender after your wires have been changed, you should be able to eat normally throughout your orthodontic treatment. For your orthodontic treatment to be most efficient it is important to take care of your teeth and braces. In order to prevent damage to both, you should consider the following:

1. Generally speaking, hard foods can be eaten with care if you cut them up first. This would apply to crunchy fruit like apples, crusty bread rolls, or similar.

2. Cut food into small pieces and chew carefully to avoid breaking, bending, or loosening your braces. Eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water (this helps dislodge food particles from your braces!).

Avoid the Following:
1. Chewing Gum
2. Hard chips or cookies
3. Popcorn, caramel corn, nuts
4. Hard rolls, pizza crusts, bagels

5. Chewing on ice
6. Raw vegetables and firm fruit
7. Hard or sticky candy