Advanced Technology

The same technology that goes into the world’s most advanced aircraft, also goes into the manufacturing of SPEED Braces!

SPEED System Orthodontics has been the leader in high tech braces for over 30 years. All SPEED products are manufactured by Hespeler Orthodontics Limited, a divison of Strite Industries who is a leading North American Aerospace company. They are involved in the development of the highest precision components for “next generation” commercial aircraft, such as the Boeing Dreamliner and the Airbus A380, in addition to military aircraft such as the Apache Helicopter and the Joint Strike Fighter. The techniques developed for these industries make Hespeler Orthodontics Limited superbly qualified to take on the exacting, precise work required to develop and produce SPEED Braces.


Boeing 777

Apache Helicopter

Hawker XP800

Bombardier Dash-8

Boeing C-17